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All About the Fun Things to Do in Miami

Miami is a city that clearly needs no introduction because it is one of the world’s most popular vacation spots. It is a premier vacation spot due to its sandy beaches, great weather, history, rich culture, sports, and vast entertainment amenities. Miami is truly a mesmeric city. If the Biscayne Bay does not steal your heart, then the clear blue South Florida skies definitely will. There is more to Miami than what it is most famously known about or what you see in social media. Miami has so much to offer. Here is a couple of fun things you can do in Miami.

Visit Miami Beach

When you think of Miami the first thing that comes to mind is sandy beaches and fun yacht parties. Miami is not only about spending your money during the night; RNR Yacht Rentals in Miami says day parties are getting more and more popular. Miami Beach is located on a barrier island and a series of bridges links the island to the mainland. It is a combination of long stretches of sandy beaches, Peaceful neighborhoods, and vibrant entertainment-focused areas.

Stop over at the Art Deco District

Miami Beach has much more to offer than just sandy beaches, it boasts of the Art Deco district which has a hint of 1930s nostalgia owing to the architectural style of most of the buildings. These uniquely designed buildings most of which are hotels and restaurants have been restored following a devastating hurricane in 1926. They lie in a range of pastel colors flanked by neon lights. It is a sight to behold especially at night.

Absorb The Cuban Flavor at Little Havana

Little Havana or the Cuban district of Miami is known more for its distinct culture than its tourist attractions. The streets are lined with food specialty shops and restaurants. The walls of buildings are graced with murals of iconic Cubans. At the heart of Little Havana is Calle Ocho which is home to much of the activity. If you want to try some Cuban cuisine, then this is the place to visit.

Miami Children’s Museum

With more than 56,000 square feet of space, the museum is housed in a cleverly designed premise. It always proves to be an educative and entertaining outing for children.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami offers a habitat for more than 3,000 animals, including a number of endangered animals. Visitors can enjoy wildlife up close with a cage-free environment and have a feel of a real safari exploration.

Like I mentioned earlier, Miami has so much to offer and these are just a few mentions.

Staying Safe on a Yacht Charter

A yacht charter can be a great day out for the whole family. However, before you set sail, you need to ensure that everyone knows how to stay safe while aboard. There are a few safety tips that you need to know about and use when on a yacht.

Know Where Everything Is

The first tip for yacht safety is to know where everything is. This is something that everyone on board will need to do including any children. It is vital that everyone knows where the dinghy is along with the radio transmitter, additional life jackets, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher.

This might seem extreme, but in the event of an emergency, you want everyone to know what to do. While you need to know where everything is, you also need to know how to correctly use everything. If someone does not know how to use the fire extinguisher, they could hurt themselves or others with it.

When learning how to use everything, you should ensure that everyone knows how to turn the engine on and send a Mayday message. All the potential hazards on the boat should be pointed out and you need to ensure that everyone knows how to avoid injury.

Wear Your Life Jacket

Wearing your life jacket at all times might not seem like a lot of fun, it can save your life. Many people do not realize that the highest number of fatalities will occur when people do not expect anything to happen. This will include falling off the boat in calm weather or when you are close to the shore.

Wearing your life jacket will ensure that you are safe if you do end up in the water. It is particularly important that children wear their life jackets at all times. If you have anyone on board who is not a strong swimmer, they also need to have their life jackets on. It is important to note that not all yacht charters will have children’s life jackets available and in these situations, you will need to bring your own.

There are many tips that you need to know about which will ensure that you are safe while on a yacht charter. The most important will be to ensure that everyone knows where everything is and how to use emergency items. Wearing your life jacket at all times is also important because you never know when something could happen.